Welcome Back, McLean
Year One - Week 1
First Published March 9, 2009
Challenge Night Challenge Brunch of Disgustingness
Reward(s) Dinner date for two at a luxurious fine dining restaurant in Kitchener with no cameras present
Winner(s) Trent
Loser(s) Sadie
Episode Guide
"Fast Times at Richmore Academy"
"Stop Making Sense"
It's time for the first week in class, but the twenty-two Total Drama competitors still have some issues to clear up before they receive their education. This includes properly splitting them up into students that could actually belong at Richmore Academy and those who couldn't. One boy seeks forgiveness for his past insensitivity, but ends up getting more than he bargained when a crazy classmate takes the adopted role of guardian a little too seriously. On Friday night, the host with the most reintroduces one of the more despised challenges from Total Drama Island.



  • The title is a play off the television series Welcome Back, Kotter.