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March 1, 2009
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Total Drama Academy is a fan fiction series written by Lord Akiyama as a sequel to Total Drama Island.


Despite the success of Total Drama Island, Chris McLean and the producers were having some serious trouble putting a cast together for a second season. However, when a prestigious boarding school in Kitchener, Ontario offered for them to film a reality show on their campus, they immediately call back the original twenty-two teens to serve as the subjects of the new show as outsiders experiencing a world unlike any they had ever been a part of.

For two years, the most popular reality television stars will be struggling with keeping their grades up, enduring the ups and downs of fame, meet new friends and enemies, and suffer through a weekly series of challenges every Friday night before a live audience. The rewards are high, not only from what they could win from the challenges thrown at them by Chris, but also for what a career boost they will receive from having attended Richmore Academy.

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  • Total Drama Academy was initially inspired by a fan fiction story called Total Drama School by Just Another Fanatic. The first two chapters of Year One borrowed elements from the first story before the series would deviate towards its own path.

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