Gender Male
Hair color Black
Talent Cooking, Speaking incoherent Spanish
Nicknames Señor Duderino

Ricardo Balbone Montez de la Vasquez Asa Loca is the chef hired to cook the meals for the competitors in Return to Total Drama Island.


Very little is known as Ricardo. All that has been revealed thus far is that he is of Mexican origin and his cooking abilities are just slightly better than that of Chef Hatchet. He also appears to be constantly talking non-stop, as if arguing with someone even though there is generally no one else around him.


Return to Total Drama Island

According to Blaineley, he was picked off in the middle of the road looking for work and was apparently willing to work for dirt cheap to be the new chef during the competition. Even Alejandro, who speaks fluent Spanish, has difficulty understanding some of what Ricardo says in the middle of his endless stream of rants. When Geoff requested guacamole for his dish, Richardo produce something that was purple in color.

At one point, Izzy, for whatever reason, injected herself into one of Ricardo's arguments. The two seemingly got heated with one another that Ricardo slammed his spatula hard near Izzy before she instantly broke off, claiming he was funny. Ricardo was apparently unconcerned himself, going back to arguing to no one as if nothing had happened.


  • The name is based off the one improved by Brad Sherwood for Wayne Brady in an episode of the American version of Whose Line Is It Anyway?
  • The character was originally introduced in Episode 10 of Total Drama Action Redux, also by Lord Akiyama.