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March 10, 2012
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Return to Total Drama Island is a fan fiction series written by Lord Akiyama as a spin off of Total Drama Academy.


Year One of Total Drama Academy had barely gotten through its first quarter and already chaos has occurred both within and outside the confines of Richmore Academy. Most notably, trouble was brewing from two teenagers wanting to get on the show for different reasons. Things took an explosive turn when video of one of the private dinner date prizes was leaked to the television gossip show Celebrity Manhunt.

After consulting with school officials, the producers were able to come up with a resolution that was satisfactory to all sides. The end result would be the creation of a new Total Drama competition to take place during the two-week break period from class. Joining the two infiltrators will be ten unlucky series alumni as they are forced to make a horrifying journey back to Camp Wawanakwa.

As feared, there certainly won't be any fun and games. New host Blaineley is running the show and may turn out to be far more sadistic than Chris McLean. The competitors are divided into the all-male Team Snake, led by Alejandro, and the all-female Team Cat, led by Sierra. Furthermore, the eliminated will not be sent to Playa Des Losers, but to a cabin erected on the dreaded Boney Island. Nevertheless, the rewards for the last contestant standing is too good to pass up as coming out on top in the end will net the winner a cool $500,000.


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Participant Team Status Placing
Duncan Team Snake 1st Voted Out
in Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon
12th Place Non-Merged
Alejandro Team Snake N/A N/A N/A
Beth Team Cat
Bridgette Team Cat
Cody Team Snake
Eva Team Cat
Geoff Team Snake
Izzy Team Cat
Lindsay Team Cat
Owen Team Snake
Sierra Team Cat
Tyler Team Snake


The process of elimination in Return to Total Drama Island is somewhat similar to the one in Total Drama Island. However, while the elimination is still around the Campfire and the symbols of safety are still marshmallows, there is a twist: The team that won the challenge decides who from the losing team will be eliminated. Afterwards, the one voted off is seated in a massive catapult on the Dock of Shame called the Hurl of Shame and are launched out of the competition.


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