Pythonicus Lackluster Memorial Hospital is a fictional hospital that was the location for the Twenty-Four Hour Off-Campus Challenge that was an extension of the Week 7 Challenge Night. While it looked like a typical hospital for all intents and purposes, situations within and around the building were designed specifically to trap Duncan, Ezekiel, Harold, Geoff, and Trent into laughing, thereby breaking the key rule of the challenge to not do so under penalty of whacks to the butt by interns wielding blunt objects. Among the unique features of the hospital include a large, bronze bust of Chef Hatchet, playing the role of the first supposed first hospital trustee.


To trap the boys into laughter, staff members are played by recognizable faces. Sometimes they would be their fellow competitors from the show, such as Courtney and Bridgette. Other times, they would be well known celebrities. Among the celebrities they encountered included Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci with Monica as an incoming patient, Leslie Nielsen as the doctor of internal medicine, William Shatner as the hospital director, Brendan Fraser as the playboy doctor, and Alex Trebek as the host and commentator of an elaborate event set to trap the boys multiple times.


  • The name of the hospital is based off the name of the fictional hospital used in the Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende annual New Year's Eve "No Laughing" batsu (or punishing) game special from which the Twenty-Four Hour Off-Campus Challenge itself is based off of.
    • The name of the hospital in the show is Gah-Soo Black Luster Memorial Hospital, with Gah-Soo being the nickname for one of the producers of the Japanese show.