The Outsiders is the name used to label the pair of infiltrating competitors in Total Drama Academy consisting of Alejandro and Sierra. As their namesake suggests, they consist exclusively of contestants who managed to become participants despite never having appeared in Total Drama Island. At present, they are not students of Richmore Academy and will only be present on campus for the Friday Challenge Night competitions until they pass the entrance exam prior to the next school term.

As means of punishment for their insistence to be on the show, all members will be forced to endure more punishment than generally given to the original twenty-two competitors so as to baptize them in the fire. This will include any rewards they win being donated instead to the school and receiving harsher forms of suffering. In accordance with this mandate, they are forced to be compete in Return to Total Drama Island and will be immune from elimination during the first half of competition to ensure they receive the proper share of torture the previous contestants had before.



The Outsiders

Alejandro | Sierra