One of many Ninjas in the Total Drama series.

Ninjas are a group of hostiles used in the Total Drama series to cause pain and suffering to the contestants.

They first appeared in the Total Drama Island episode Phobia Factor as Harold's fear to conquer. They would surprise attack when while he was in the washroom. However, he would successfully defeat them, thereby completing his challenge.

They would reappear in Total Drama Academy: Year One during the Twenty-Four Hour Off-Campus Challenge. They would be called upon to punish Duncan, Ezekiel, Geoff, Harold, and Trent whenever they were caught breaking the rule of not laughing. The punishment being to smack them swiftly and hard in the bottom using blunt instruments.

Blaineley would employ their services in the first task of Return to Total Drama Island. The contestants had one hour to evade capture by the ninjas or else receive a punishment specific to each individual ninja. The challenge started with three ninjas before two more were added after twenty minutes and then two more every ten minutes thereafter. Punishments used in this challenge were smacking one over the head with a slipper, flicking a finger to the forehead, biting, forcing a competitor to play jacks, subjecting a competitor to the Chinko Machine, chasing a competitor by car before ultimately slapping them in the face, whacked over the head twice with an over-sized harisen fan, hitting a competitor over the head with a rubber chicken and then making them wear the chicken hat for the remainder of the challenge, attaching hooks to a competitors nose and then reeling them upward to mimic fishing, subjecting a competitor to a Matsuri torture, and finally a legion of ninjas body tossing a competitor in the air.