Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Black
Family Jeremy (Brother)
Friends Dodekatheon
Enemies Jessica
Nicknames Hera

Madison is a student at Richmore Academy. She is a member of the Dodekatheon where she holds the rank of Hera.


Not much has been revealed so far regarding Madison. All that is known is that she is a junior at Richmore Academy and is a member of the Dodekatheon clique with the rank of Hera, meaning she is one of two who hold the power in the group. The other being her brother Jeremy, who holds the rank of Zeus. Madison is looked upon as being egocentric and manipulative, possessing the cunning and viciousness to be in the position she has.


Total Drama Academy: Year One

Madison was first seen approaching Heather to join the Dodekatheon. She recognized her skills and abilities as someone willing to do whatever it took to make other look bad from watching Total Drama Island and wished to use her to help Chelsea, a member of the clique with the rank of Athena, be elected to the student body council. When Heather accomplished this as well as sabotage Harold's chances as being elected in recognizing that he would be a greater threat to the group than Courtney, Madison agreed with her brother's decision to promote her to the rank of Artemis.

Since then, Madison has often been seen as the voice of caution and guidance for Heather. This included notifying her of the threat the Riker Hall resident assistant Jessica was to the group and her past association with them. It is also implied that she, along with Chelsea, provide minor information that could allow Heather to get through the weekly Friday Challenge Night with little embarrassment due to having some connections within the production crew.