The following is a List of Prizes and rewards that the contestants receive after winning a challenge either from Return to Total Drama Island or during the weekly Friday Challenge Night in Total Drama Academy.

Total Drama AcademyEdit

Year OneEdit

  • Week 0 - Supervising decoration of the living space, the choice between a state of the art mini-refrigerator, Gateway laptop, or a custom built Harley Davidson motorcycle
    • This is won by Gwen
    • Gwen picks the mini-refrigerator from amongst the three prizes
First Date

The prize for week one was a dinner for two without any cameras around.

  • Week 1 - Dinner date for two at a luxurious fine dining restaurant in Kitchener with no cameras present
  • Week 2 - The choice between every cookbook written by Emeril Lagasse, forty-eight inch flat-screen television, or a Toyota Corolla
    • This is won by Izzy
    • Izzy picks the cookbooks from amongst the three prizes
  • Week 3 - The choice between kitty, puppy, or piglet
    • This is won by Beth
    • Beth picks the piglet from amongst the three prizes
  • Week 5 - Copies of PC games MechWarrior 4: Black Knight, Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror, and Star Wars: Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast, Playstation 3 console, and a copy of PS3 game MAG
    • This is won by Eva
    • Eva gives away prizes to Ezekiel
  • Week 6 - 64GB Apple iPad Tablet PC, and a $500 iTunes gift card
    • This is won by DJ
  • Week 7 - Private massage and Cash Bonus
    • This is won by Ezekiel
  • Week 8 - Dinner with respective dates at a luxurious fine dining restaurant in Kitchener with no cameras present
  • Week 9 - Collection of prizes labeled on bone pieces successfully retrieved playing Banken Gao Gao along with copy of the toy game itself
    • This is won by Tyler
    • Prizes consist of a Travelocity Gnome, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D for the 3DS, a Victorinox Swiss Army Explorer, a Printed Jacquard Gown, a Samsung DROID CHARGE 4G Android Phone, and a 2011 Vespa S 50 4V

Return to Total Drama IslandEdit

  • Doubleback - Dinner catered by Top Chef Canada runner-up Rob Rossi, Pick of the cabins
  • Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon - Cache of gender appropriate clothing and $500 Amazon gift card to individual winner, Invincibility to representing team
    • This is won by Izzy
    • All members of Team Cat receive Invincibility by representation