Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Teal
Friends Blaineley
Enemies Chris McLean
Talent Discussing Gossip, Interviewing, Instigating cat fights

Josh, is co-host of Celebrity Manhunt along with Blaineley. Circumstances arose that has allowed him to become her assistant on Return to Total Drama Island during one of the break periods of Total Drama Academy.


Josh is a television personality who has garnered some minor celebrity stature as co-host of Celebrity Manhunt. He is fairly respectable as an interviewer and displays the kind of enthusiasm needed to help interest in whatever product he is helping promote. He is also know for managing to instigate cat fights among girls, even if they never disliked one another in the first place.

Despite these traits, he is a generally dull person to be around with. Often times, no one wants to be left alone with him as his personality is such that it diminishes any sort of interest in anything. Any opportunity occurred in which Josh would host Celebrity Manhunt by himself, the producers are reminded of how audiences would rather watch paint dry instead.


Return to Total Drama Island

Upon Blaineley leaving Celebrity Manhunt temporarily to host Return to Total Drama Island, Josh was initially tapped to host by himself. When reminded that audiences would not watch if that were the case, the producers went looking for co-hosts. Josh was not thrilled to see Chris McLean and Chef Hatchet arrive to hijack the show, so he took off to try and see if Blaineley would let him be part of Return to Total Drama Island. After managing to escape from a genetically mutated shark, he pleaded his case to her and she eventually agreed to let him assist on the condition that he serve as her personal chef as well.