Fast Times at Richmore Academy
Year One - Week 0
First Published March 1, 2009
Challenge Night Challenge Room Decoration
Reward(s) Supervising decoration of the living space and choice between state of the art mini-refrigerator, Gateway laptop, or custom built Harley Davidson motorcycle
Winner(s) Gwen
Loser(s) DJ, Eva, Heather, Justin, Owen
Episode Guide
"Welcome Back, McLean"
Unable to put together a proper second season, Chris McLean and the producers of Total Drama Island strike a deal with Richmore Academy to film a series on their campus. As part of the agreement, the original twenty-two competitors are being brought in to be educated at such a prestigious school. But before they can hit the books, they meet their resident assistant, receive their school uniforms, and furnish their assigned rooms in the first challenge.



  • This is the pilot episode of Total Drama Academy.
  • The title is a play off the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High.