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FanFiction.Net (often abbreviated as FF.Net or FFN) is an automated fan fiction archive site. As of 2010, FanFiction.Net is the largest and most popular fan fiction website in the world. It has nearly 2.2 million users and hosts stories in over 30 languages. It is the primary site in which Total Drama Academy is posted in.


The site was created in late 1998 by student Xing Li as a repository for fan-created stories that revolved around characters from popular literature, television, comics, or real-world celebrities. Unlike other fan fiction sites, FanFiction.Net allowed stories about any characters rather than revolve around a specific set of characters, such as those from Naruto, Harry Potter, or Kingdom Hearts.

Registration was open to all people who claimed to be over 18, and by 2002 over 118,000 people were registered. The age limit has since been moved down to 13. At that time, one-third of the registrants self-identified as 18 or younger, and 80% were female.

Total DramaEdit

As of June 9, 2012, has approximately 8,311 stories related to the Total Drama franchise, making it the ninth most popular fandom in the Cartoons category. It also contains 299 crossover stories, 77 communities, and 103 discussion forums.

Total Drama Academy: Year One, to date, has the following statistics:

  • 300 reviews
  • 49,549 hits
  • Added to 4 communities
  • Favorited by 124 readers
  • 83 readers alerted to updates

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