Heather makes enemies out of everyone in Total Drama Island.

The conflict between Heather and virtually everyone in the Total Drama franchise is one that has become a centerpiece of the series. From day one, Heather was determined to come out on top at all costs. Her schemes and manipulations to achieve that goal has resulted in her drawing the ire of the others, including host Chris McLean and Chef Hatchet. Her antagonistic ways have carried over from Total Drama Island into Total Drama Academy, where she became part of the Dodekatheon.


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Bridgette and Heather never had a whole lot of interaction at the start of Total Drama Island, given that they were on separate teams. As the teams were setting up for the talent contest, Heather attempted to stir up drama within the Killer Bass by accusing Bridgette of purposefully sabotaging Courtney when the former's showcasing of her walking on her hands accidentally resulted in the latter's violin to be destroyed. Bridgette was also apparently aware of Heather's reputation that in the paintball deer hunt, Harold motivated her by mentioning that she could shoot Heather, to which they had plenty of opportunities to do.


Bridgette defies Heather in refusing to eat dolphin wieners.

When the teams merged, Heather made an attempt to sway Bridgette into her alliance. Bridgette wanted instead for all of the girls to band together, but Heather would have none of it and demanded that she pick a side. Since she was very good friends with Gwen and LeShawna as well as being familiar with Heather's manipulative ways, Bridgette sided with her friends. Further cementing the two into conflict would be later on during the battle of the sexes Brunch of Disgustingness challenge. Competing was difficult enough for Bridgette, who was a vegetarian, but ultimately drew the line when the last dish was revealed to be hot dogs made form dolphin wieners. Her refusal to eat made Heather blame her as well as LeShawna, who was not successful in defeating Owen in the tie-breaker, for the loss.

Following a hide and seek challenge, the girls made one more attempt to unite in an effort to overcome the boys. However, they would not agree upon who to eliminated. Bridgette, along with Gwen and LeShawna, stood her ground in wanting to vote Duncan while Heather demanded that they vote Owen. With the girls split, the boys would come together in voting Bridgette off. Heather acted surprised at first, but was later seen smiling as she watched Bridgette leave.

In Total Drama Academy, Bridgette did all that she could to avoid having any sort of interaction with Heather. This was despite both being in the same class group. In the meantime, Heather would openly mock Bridgette's relationship with Geoff, in particular how they are constantly seen making out. The two would end up partners in the Super Soaker Food Fight in the Week 2 Challenge Night. Before the match started, the two got into an argument and Heather was about to fire upon Bridgette when the randomly changing environment caused a tree to grow underneath Bridgette, sending Bridgette high above and leaving Heather to be on the receiving end of a double team from Cody and Noah.

Chef HatchetEdit


Chef preventing Heather from retrieving her key.

Chef Hatchet has a conflict with Heather primarily due to her clashing with his sense of respectability. He also dislikes how she misrepresents authority, bucks his own authority, and just generally hates her overall mean and vain attitude towards the others. Heather, on the other hand, sees Chef as nothing more than an overgrown failure unable to accept that he is terrible at cooking.

Their first form of conflict outside of her dislike for his cooking came during the treasure chest hunt challenge. The key Heather had to retrieve was guarded by Chef. She eventually managed to succeed when she grabbed it while he took a quick nap. Later in the hide and seek challenge, Chef was hunting after all the remaining campers at that point. He was furious to find Heather and Lindsay hiding out in his kitchen and proceeded to chase after them. He managed to shoot them down with his super soaker before either could reach the lifeguard chair.

When Chef took over hosting duties for a day, he made Heather team up with her most hated rival Gwen, referring to them as "Grim and Grimmer." During the Campfire Ceremony, he revealed to her shock and horror that he planned on relaxing with Heather's facials while she was lost in the forest. Chef would ultimately have a hand in her elimination, literally, as he was about to shave her head as part of the dare given to her when she kicked the electric shaver out of his hand, an act that Chris McLean would interpret as her refusing and therefore grounds for automatic elimination even though the shaver landed on her head and shaved a good chunk of her hair off.

They have since had very minimal interaction on Total Drama Academy, although it is rather apparent that both still have a strong dislike for one another. Heather more so for Chef since he had a role to play in humiliating her with her elimination.

Chris McLeanEdit

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Cody and Heather in the bottom two after the paintball deer hunt.

Even though they were on the same team, Cody and Heather did not have a lot of interaction together on Total Drama Island. Heather was the first to note aloud that Cody had peed his pants when Izzy scarred the team while dressed up like a bear during a challenge where they had to spend the night camping in the forest. Later on, following the paintball deer hunt, the Campfire Ceremony came down to Heather and Cody. Cody felt confident that the team would vote Heather off because of their dislike for her, but he ended up being eliminated as his having been mauled by a bear made them feel he would not be useful in upcoming challenges.

The was even less interaction between the two on Total Drama Academy. They did have an indirect conflict by being opponents during the Super Soaker Food Fight in the Week 2 Challenge Night. It was Cody and Noah against Heather and Bridgette. Heather figured the match would be a piece of cake, however she got into an argument with Bridgette. Just before the match started, the randomly changing environment created a tree that rose from the ground and took Bridgette along for the ride. This left Heather alone in a 2-on-1 situation and she was no match for Cody and Noah double teaming her.


Courtney mad

Courtney after flinging food at Heather unsuccessfully.

Courtney and Heather never really interacted with one another on Total Drama Island, being that they were on opposite teams. Furthermore, Heather was the only one who made it to at least the merger while Courtney was eliminated, albeit illegally, prior to that happening. They did have a competitive spite for one another, as seen early on when Heather mocked the Killer Bass for the losing streak they were having at the beginning and Courtney flung food at her in retaliation.

It was in Total Drama Academy that a sense of conflict did come into play between the two of them. Courtney ran for a spot on the student body council, in contention for the Vice Presidency. One of her opponents was Chelsea, a member of the Dodekatheon. The Dodekatheon hired Heather to ensure Chelsea was elected, meaning should would have ruin the chances of the other candidates. Without Courtney realizing it, Heather would manipulate situations to make her look bad in the eyes of the students. It was implied, but never confirmed, that Heather did things such as ruin Courtney's clothing prior to the debate.

However, Heather would switch targets at the last minute when Harold made an impassioned speech at the debate. Heather recognized that he was a greater threat to the Dodekatheon than Courtney and therefore ruined his chances at being elected. As a result, both Courtney and Chelsea were elected as junior representatives to the student body council.



A terrified DJ seeing Heather shave her legs.

There was not a whole lot of interaction between DJ and Heather in Total Drama Island primarily because they were on opposing teams. They had some interaction once the teams were merged as DJ joined the others in being appalled in Heather for abandoning Lindsay after the motocross race challenge. Heather would later have an indirect part in getting DJ eliminated following the secret horror movie challenge as he was very much afraid of everything that was going on. At one point came across her while she was wearing a face mask and shaving her legs, a sight that sent him running.

They have had even fewer interactions in Total Drama Academy despite having been on the same team along with Eva, Justin, and Owen in Brunch of Disgustingness in the Week 1 Challenge Night as well as being in the same class group.


Duncan and Heather rarely had any interaction with one another in the beginning of Total Drama Island, being as they were on opposing teams. He did make a pass at her when they first arrived on the island, to which she called him a skeeze. In the first Campfire Ceremony after the teams had merged, Duncan voted against Heather instead of Eva as he suspected her of getting Courtney illegally eliminated. He was also disgusted with she had abandoned the only person left to consider a friend in Lindsay after the motocross race challenge, calling her actions cold. Heather retorted by saying that he was being hypocritical, but he responded by saying that he was at least straight with the people he pulled his pranks on as opposed to her method of stabbing them behind the back.


Duncan hits on Heather, much to her disgust.

Nevertheless, as they progressed deeper into the game, Duncan considered forming an alliance with her. His only attempt to consider the idea was during a challenge where the remaining contestants each had to capture a specific wild animal. In the end, he decided against it and ended up laughing hysterically when she was shot in the butt with a tranquilizer gun by Izzy. Heather would ultimately get the last laugh when both managed to reach the final four. She temporarily put aside her conflict with Gwen so that the two could trick Duncan and Owen into believing that they needed help camping overnight in the forest. It worked as the girls made off with all of the boys' supplies the next morning, which would indirectly culminate into Duncan's elimination.

In Total Drama Academy, the two once again had little interaction with one another, even though they ended up in the same class group. Still, Heather would indirectly cause Duncan problems when she was orchestrating her plans to ruin Courtney's chances at being elected to the student body council.


See Eva and Heather for more information.


Ezekiel and Heather had virtually no interaction at any point in Total Drama Island. This was largely because both were on different teams and Ezekiel was the first to be voted off. It is likely, though, that they became familiar with each other's reputation, Ezekiel for being considered a sexist based on the comments he made that got him eliminated and Heather for his scheming and manipulative nature that nearly got her to the end.

The Date

Lord Akiyama

.]]As Total Drama Academy began, it appeared neither would again have any sort of interaction with one another. However, circumstances that occurred during many of the Challenge Night competitions would bring them together in a very uncomfortable fashion. It largely began in Torture Chamber of Love in Week 4 when they were paired together. Because of the apparent theme of the challenge, Heather made the unfortunate comment that accused Chris of hooking her up with Ezekiel. Due to his intense nervousness, Ezekiel was unable to tell the truth enough times for them to be the losers, though their disadvantages were slightly lifted in the next week's challenge where they were on opposite sides of one another in a competition.

Then came Heartbreak Hotel in Week 8. Heather and Harold won the challenge and their prize would be that they each earned a private dinner with their respective dates. Since Heather did not have a boyfriend, Jessica spun the Random Loser Generator to pair Heather with a date and the wheel landed on Ezekiel. It is implied that Jessica managed to blackmail Heather into accepting the prize against her wish. A curious crowd looked to know what happened on the date and all Ezekiel would say was that they barely talked and he behaved himself throughout. Unfortunately, fan footage of the dinner date was leaked to Celebrity Manhunt, making public the idea that they were a couple much to the horror of both Heather and Ezekiel. The tape, filmed by Alejandro, is now in the possession of Chris McLean and he hints that there's more to the tape that has yet to be revealed.


Geoff and Heather hardly had a whole lot of interaction with one another on Total Drama Island. It was primarily because they were on separate teams and, even after the merger, both were preoccupied with other things. Another reason was that Geoff was such a laid-back personality that it was hard for any one to feel any less than good around him. Heather would eventually realize that he needed to be eliminated, or else his niceness would overpower her sense of determination. Along with Duncan, LeShawna, and Owen, they voted Geoff off following the Tri-Armed Triathlon.

There was still little interaction between the two on Total Drama Academy, even though they are in the same class group. For the most part, Heather would mock Geoff's relationship with Bridgette on account that they are more often then not found making out all the time. Though a rare occurrence, Geoff would stand up to Heather whenever he felt she was a threat to his friends such as when Heather was angry at Ezekiel for fibbing too many times in Torture Chamber of Love in the week 4 Challenge Night.


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Heather accidentally exposing her boobs gets Harold eliminated.

Harold and Heather have had a silent form of conflict with one another dating back to their time on Total Drama Island. As they were on opposite teams, they were competitors. The first sign was when Harold broke the Screaming Gophers' early win streak, scoring two challenge victories in a row as a last resort. This obviously made him a target Heather would have to potentially take out to ensure her victory would be smooth sailings. Harold himself was aware of Heather's manipulative nature and used shooting her as encouragement for Bridgette to participate in the paintball deer hunt.

They finally butted heads during a series of extreme sports challenges. In the last of the challenges, a member of one team would water-ski on mud collecting as many flags without dropping them while a member of the opposing team drove the jet ski. Heather was the driver and Harold did the skiing. Despite her numerous attempts to trip him, Harold managed to collect all the flags on their way to the finish line. Heather tried one more tactic, in which should would cut off his rope. However, she was not paying attention and a tree branch ripped off her shirt, leaving her topless. Though it embarrassed Heather that her sexy boobs were exposed on camera, it mesmerized Harold enough to distract him and cause him to crash, therefore being unable to complete the challenge. This would ultimately result in his elimination from the competition.

They have not had a whole lot of interaction on Total Drama Academy, largely due to their being in different class groups. However, Heather would end up costing Harold a chance to be elected to the student body council when an impassioned speech he made at the debate made her realize he was more of a threat to the Dodekatheon than Courtney, her original target. She was successful enough in damaging his public image and not be implicated. They would later be paired up in Heartbreak Hotel in the Week 8 Challenge Night, much to their discomfort given that Heather was a much hated rival to Harold's girlfriend LeShawna. They won the challenge of avoiding kissing one another while in a room that was being filled with a non-toxic love gas when Harold took three deep breaths and blew on his thumb, causing him to pass out.


Snapshot 2009-02-08 01-39-03

Izzy accidentally shoots Heather with a tranquilizer.

Izzy and Heather share a conflict that is more based around the fact that Heather finds Izzy extremely annoying and mentally unstable. Still, Heather did manage to convince Izzy to vote Justin off of Total Drama Island following the talent contest, although it is implied that Izzy would have done it any way given her hatred to her ex-boyfriend. Aside from that, Izzy's crazy personality was too much for Heather to handle or be around. She accused Izzy, along with Owen, for nearly costing them the challenge where they had to camp overnight in the forest, and eventually had a role in getting Izzy eliminated for good after the latter had accidentally shot her in the butt with a tranquilizer while hunting for her wild animal. Izzy, in turn, considered Heather to be psycho and also took an opportunity to pick at Heather's wig in the finale.

Not much had changed in Total Drama Academy. Heather largely tries to avoid Izzy whenever possible. Much of their interaction has occurred during the many Challenge Night competitions. They sang lead together in the Mash-Up Competition in Week 6 with Izzy being the only one willing enough to sing the lines from "Hair" and Heather pressured into singing the lines from "Crazy in Love" after she considered the other girls incapable to carrying a tune. Aside from that, much of their interaction comes from Izzy's disapproval of the thought of Heather being a girlfriend to Ezekiel, even though Heather herself opposes the idea.




to vote off Justin.]]Despite being on the same team, Heather and Justin rarely had any interaction with one another. However, to ensure that she would not get eliminated as a result of reading out Gwen's diary during the talent contest, Heather convinced her alliance and others to vote for him to be eliminated.

They have not had any further interaction on Total Drama Academy even though they are in the same class group. They did team together along with DJ, Eva, and Owen in Brunch of Disgustingness in the Week 1 Challenge Night and played key roles throughout. Heather nearly got the team eliminated in the first round as she managed to vomit just seconds after Sadie, but it would be Justin who would be responsible for getting them eliminated in the second round.

Katie and SadieEdit

Katie and Sadie never really had any sort of interaction with Heather on Total Drama Island or Total Drama Academy. The BFFFL's did find Heather's actions appalling, in particular when she nearly destroyed Gwen and Trent's growing relationship as a means of getting Trent eliminated and damaging Gwen's spirits. They therefore did their best to avoid Heather whenever possible, although Sadie had to be on the same team as Heather in the Arena challenge in the Week 5 Challenge Night with highly unsuccessful results.


See Heather and LeShawna for more information.


See Beth, Heather, and Lindsay for more information.



Heather disapproves of Noah's refusal to participate.

Noah and Heather have a conflict that primarily occurs on a more intellectual level. That being both are quite egocentric and neither would back down to the other under any circumstance. This was apparent during the dodgeball challenge on Total Drama Island when Noah would flat out refuse to participate and Heather ridiculing him as a result. Noah unwillingness to budge all the way to the end, which ultimately caused everyone on the Screaming Gophers to vote him off when they ended up losing the challenge. With regards to Heather, he forced her to have to put aside her grudges with those she disliked so that they could collectively give him the boot, an action she greatly despised.

In Total Drama Academy, they had another form of conflict, largely as background players leading up to the student body council elections. Noah had been hired by Courtney to be her campaign manager while Heather was enlisted by the Dodekatheon to ensure Chelsea was elected by any means necessary. Noah caught Heather interacting with Chelsea and deduced that she was working for the clique, forcing him to alter his and Courtney's campaign strategies while Heather was ordered to amp up her efforts to damage Courtney's public image. In the end, Heather would switch her target at the last second and both Chelsea and Courtney were elected as junior representatives. However, both Noah and Heather recognize one another as threats and are each keeping an eye on the other.


TDI Heather and Owen 6

Owen begins to snap when Heather insults Izzy.

The conflict between Owen and Heather, much like the conflict between Izzy and Heather, is more from Heather's end. She finds the big guy extremely annoying and a nuisance. This is in complete contrast to Owen, who is one of the friendliest people in the competition. Throughout the majority of Total Drama Island, Heather found herself having to put up with Owen as a means of playing nice so she could get him to vote her way. Sometimes she would have to resort to bribery, like giving him a cake to ensure he voted against Justin after the talent contest. The price she had to pay, though, was having to endure numerous humiliating moments like having to be his partner in a canoe race through Boney Island and getting crushed by him during a training drill run by Chef Hatchet.

Owen was eventually pushed to the brink during the Tri-Armed Triathlon. Heather began insulting his girlfriend Izzy to the point that he just about cost them the challenge by demanding the wimp key. He would later unload on a vicious tirade even though they were still handcuffed together. In the last challenge before the finale, Gwen convinced Owen to team up with her to get Heather eliminated and he accepted. Their double teaming would result in Heather finally getting that which she deserved and was eliminated from the competition.

In Total Drama Academy, Heather would try to avoid Owen however possible. Then again, they were in the same class group and had to partner up in Brunch of Disgustingness in the Week 1 Challenge Night along with DJ, Eva, and Justin. Nevertheless, they have largely managed to refrain from interacting with one another.


A very unfortunate event

The infamous moment where Heather kisses Trent in front of Gwen.

Trent and Heather have a conflict almost entirely because of Gwen. Trent is attracted to Gwen while Heather is her most hated enemy. Trent would generally be the first person to stand up in defense of Gwen, often leading to him being on Heather's bad side as she would mock their attempts at a relationship and showed little remorse when he thousands of feet straight into the ground, resulting in full-body injuries, as part of an extreme sports challenge.

The conflict truly reached the breaking point during a challenge where each contestant had to find hidden treasure chests. She set up a situation where she tricked Trent into believing that Gwen's feelings for him were not true and then kissed him in front of Gwen. This act nearly destroyed Trent and Gwen's attempt at a relationship and also placed him on the hot seat for elimination. When everyone realized what she had done was a ploy, it was too late as she had invincibility and the vast majority had already voted Trent off. Fortunately for Trent, Heather would get what was coming to her and he was able to advance forward in a relationship with Gwen.

In Total Drama Academy, Trent and Heather lack any real interaction with one another even though they are in the same class group. Trent completely distrusts her as a result of her actions and refuses to have anything to do with her if he can help it.



Heather throws a kayak on Tyler.

Tyler and Heather never really had a whole lot of interaction on either Total Drama Island or Total Drama Academy. In large part, Heather saw Tyler as a threat to maintaining her control over Lindsay, who was attracted to the jock. Lindsay suggested Tyler be in their alliance, but Heather forbid even interacting with him on the grounds that he was on the opposing team. Still, Lindsay managed to find ways to be with him. Whenever Heather caught sight of this, she would make one or the other pay, be it throwing a kayak on Tyler while he and Lindsay were flirting under a dock or whipping Lindsay in the face with her ponytail while they merely waved from a distance. Once Lindsay broke away from Heather's hold, Tyler was the least of Heather's concerns and has since largely ignored him just as he has ignored her.