Heather's unflattering portrayal of Eva.

Although they were on opposite teams on Total Drama Island, Heather recognized that Eva was a force to be reckoned with. This theory of hers is put to the test when these two girls were made roommates in Total Drama Academy.


Total Drama IslandEdit

Heather felt Eva needed to be eliminated quickly in order to stand a chance at winning Total Drama Island. She got her chance in the second challenge, the Awake-athon. When Eva briefly left the gathering to use the bathroom, she unknowingly dropped her MP3 Player. Heather quickly nabbed it before any one could see. When the challenge ended, Eva overreacted and accused her teammates of the theft. She was in the middle of destroying her team's cabin when Heather appeared and announced that she had found it lying around, having timed it just right so that the Killer Bass would ultimately eliminate one of their strongest competitors as a result.

Eva was brought back into the competition shortly after the teams had merged. Fortunately for Heather, Eva was more upset by the apparent betrayal she felt at her former teammates and targeted Bridgette through the majority of the challenge. Nevertheless, Eva suspected Heather's manipulative ways and voted her for elimination. However, the threat Eva presented in the competition as a whole caused virtually everyone else left in the game to vote her off with Heather being the least flattering when she made her pick. Upon returning to Playa Des Losers, Eva finally managed to figure out that Heather was responsible for her first elimination from the show.

Total Drama AcademyEdit

In Total Drama Academy, both found themselves in very awkward company with one another. Not only were they in the same class group, but they were also assigned to be one another's roommate. Their dislike for one another was obvious in the first Challenge Night competition as their room decoration warranted them a loss, thereby having to be partners with DJ, Justin, and Owen in the next challenge. Later, in the Week 5 challenge Arena, Eva would be responsible for scoring the most kills in the games with a good number of them coming from Heather. Nevertheless, the managed to avoid interacting with one another as best as they could.