The Dodekatheon is a group of students who secretly attempt to control the students of Richmore Academy. Their headquarters is located within the Students Residence block. They are believed to have the skills, abilities, and resources to sway the student body to do their bidding without other realizing that they are being controlled.


Ranked members are those who are the most skilled to perform specific tasks. Their rank is generally attached to being the representation of a Greek god or goddess who perform similar abilities. Zeus and Hera make the decisions on which members can be promoted to a seated rank, as well as training their successors. Members without rank are simply regarded as Olympians and are charged with doing the bidding of those in rank.

Rank Member Duty
Zeus Jeremy The male authoritarian voice within the group; he has the ultimate final say in matters.
Hera Madison The female authoritarian voice within the group; she can appeal to Zeus if necessary.
Poseidon Tannen Influences the sports activities; he is particularly strongest at water-based sports.
Dionysus[1] Hulk He influences parties that occur on campus, determining what kind and what is acceptable.
Apollo TBA Influences the arts activities; he is generally able to compose emotion-stirring music.
Artemis Heather The huntress; she is assigned to assassinate a student's personal image when called for.
Hermes/Iris[2] TBA The group messenger; he/she responsible for setting up communications with one another.
Athena Chelsea The brains of the group; she is therefore required to be part of the student body council.
Ares Kael He heads a posse of Olympians to collectively cause physical harm to opposition groups.
Aphrodite Akira She is in charge of making specific pairings for or in favor of the group using special concoctions.
Hephaestus TBA The group craftsman; he is tasked with developing or enhancing objects for group use.
Demeter Peggy Sue The group philanthropist; she is tasked with providing the resources to keep the group active.
  1. This rank is depended upon the gender of the member taking the chair. If the member was female, the rank would become Hestia instead.
  2. This rank is depended upon the gender of the member taking the chair. If the member is male, the rank becomes Hermes. If the member is female, the rank becomes Iris.

Former MembersEdit

It is implied that past members of the Dodekatheon have gone on to become powerful politicians and businessmen.

There are also those who have been kicked out of the group, either by inability to perform their skills or from noncompliance to the group's goals and activities. Olympians who are kicked out are often regarded collectively as the Styx. Ranked members who are kicked out are given a secondary rank, generally seen as a label of shame and dishonor.

Often times, those who are kicked out are done so by the sheer physical force of Ares and his posse. However, there are special cases where the exiled is put through a humiliating situation. All who are kicked out are generally haunted emotionally by the actions of the Dodekatheon to the point of transferring out of the school. The only one to not do so is Jessica, who has since became a threatening presence to the group they cannot touch under fear of their actions being revealed publicly.

Rank (Former Rank) Member Reason for Exile
Leto (Artemis) Jessica Exiled for noncompliance with the group's goals and activities.



  • Total Drama Academy does not air until the end of the school term. Therefore, the existence of the group and their actions are not made aware to the public until long after the fact.
  • Heather has become the only member of the Total Drama cast thus far to join the group, having achieved the rank of Artemis for helping Chelsea be elected to the student body council and recognizing the threat Harold possessed should he have been elected as well.