The interactions between Courtney, Duncan, and Noah have primarily been around their collective goal in ensuring the success of Courtney's political career. While Courtney and Duncan haven't interacted much with Noah in Total Drama Island, it would be in Total Drama Academy that the three would truly become acquainted with one another, as two of them would be placed in the same class. Thanks to Duncan, Noah would wind up becoming Courtney's greatest ally when she chooses to run for the student body council Vice Presidency.


Total Drama IslandEdit


Duncan and Noah don't get off to a good start in Total Drama Island.

During the first season, Noah did not have a whole lot of interaction with neither Duncan nor Courtney. This was largely due to them being on separate teams. Noah and Duncan only ever really had one interaction where they first arrived on the island. Noah showed little fear of Duncan's hostile personality, countering with his cynicism even when Duncan threatened to pierce his bottom lip. The one known time Noah did converse with Courtney was after both had been eliminated from the competition. Noah would tell her to get over how she was eliminated, though she responded by throwing a glass at his head, causing him to fall into the pool at Playa Des Losers. Noah would later tease her over her relationship with Duncan, noting that she drooled over him more than his dog over a rib eye steak.

Total Drama AcademyEdit


Courtney and Noah along with their classmates.

In addition to being in the same class group, Courtney is talked by Duncan into enlisting Noah's help in her effects to be elected to the student body council. After some convincing from Courtney, Noah agreed to help her out. As a result, the two have formed a mutual level of acceptance with Noah working as Courtney's political partner and Duncan being Courtney's boyfriend. Noah would often take Duncan's ideas, reshape them, and have them executed with much better results than if Duncan had just gone ahead with his plans without any sort of consulting. While the three of them are not necessarily friends, they are not in any conflict either as they are committed to working for the greater good, which is to Courtney's success.