Chris and Chef were close friends with one another long before Total Drama Island began.

Chef Hatchet and Chris McLean have a seemingly tight partnership, understanding what their roles are and having great enjoyment at the expense of the competitors. Though there are clear moments where they disagree with one another, their shared common goal of making the lives of the teenage contestants as miserable as humanly possible has made them very good friends. When working together, they are arguably the toughest opposition the campers must deal with in the challenges.


Before Total DramaEdit

The two apparently first met when Chef was a military consultant on one of the bad talking cat movies Chris made. Chris was impressed with Chef's people skills, or lack thereof, that he offered him a job on Total Drama Island. At the time, Chef was selling "street meat" outside a bus station and therefore feels indebted to Chris for providing him with a much better living.

Total DramaEdit

There have been times when it would seem that Chris takes advantage of Chef's loyalty to him. This includes making Chef test out challenges as all the interns who would otherwise do them are hospitalized and not paying him extra to do so. Nevertheless, there was a sense of respect for one another and their mutual amusement at making the contestants suffer more often than not would override any personal conflict they might have with one another.