Celebrity Manhunt Logo

Celebrity Manhunt Logo

Celebrity Manhunt is a television program that appears in the Total Drama series. Hosted by Blaineley and Josh, the show focuses on celebrity gossip.

Celebrity Manhunt is spotlighted when they aired a recording made by Alejandro of the private dinner date Harold and LeShawna and Ezekiel and Heather were on for Harold and Heather's winning of the Heartbreak Hotel challenge. Chris McLean and the other producers of the Total Drama series threatened to sue since Total Drama Academy would not air until after the school term had been completed, thus the show presented audiences with a spoiler. Blaineley is able to broker a deal of getting the lawsuit dropped and handing over the tape in exchange for a position in the series, the result of which is her hosting Return to Total Drama Island.

Not to be outplayed, Chris and Chef Hatchet hijack Celebrity Manhunt while she is away at Camp Wawanakwa, since audiences would not be keen on Josh hosting by himself. Instead of having to deal with Chris and Chef together, Josh decides to journey to Camp Wawanakwa and serve as Blaineley's assistant.