Can Barely Wait
Year One - Week 4
First Published June 17, 2009
Challenge Night Challenge Torture Chamber of Love
Reward(s) Dinner date at a fancy restaurant in Kitchener and tickets to an opera afterward with no cameras present
Winner(s) Gwen and Trent,
Katie and Noah
Loser(s) Heather and Ezekiel
Episode Guide
"Baffled and Perplexed"
"To You, With Hate"
Season One's winner joins a fraternity and the students split their weekend either watching a horror movie or throwing a party. Yet it is the surprise blossoming of an unexpected romance that steals the spotlight, if only briefly. Then the epic feud really grows out of control as it spills into the student body council elections. One group takes a hit, a pair of nuts are introduced, and Chris McLean presents the most horrifying challenge to date.



  • The title is a play off the film Can't Hardly Wait.