Boney Island
Boney Island
Residents Woolly Beavers, Stymphalian Canadian Goose
First Appearance Total Drama Island - Up the Creek
Boney Island is an island located across Lake Wawanakwa from Camp Wawanakwa. One of the island's most notable features is a massive cliff in the shape of a human skull. It is home of the fictional woolly beavers and Stymphalian Canadian Geese. This island is known to hold species extinct in other parts of the world, due to its remoteness. The fact that it is considered creepy and supposedly haunted also ensures that nobody goes there to disturb these creatures.

Total Drama IslandEdit

It was first introduced as a key element in the canoe challenge in the Total Drama Island episode Up the Creek. According to Chris McLean, if you take anything from the island, "you would be cursed forever." However, Beth did not hear this warning because she was using the bathroom at the time he said it and took a Tiki Idol from the island that she found in a bush. This caused a supposed curse on the Screaming Gophers with a losing streak that spanned over the course of three episodes. Ultimately, her choice to take something off the island influenced her team's decision to eliminate Beth from the competition. When she was finally eliminated, the curse seemed to disappear and the team's winning streak continued. After finding out about the curse and before being eliminated, Beth promised to return the tiki idol to Boney Island.

In the Total Drama Island episode Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, it is revealed that Beth did not return the idol as she previously said she would, but instead broke it into three pieces and flushed it into the septic tank. The final six contestants are tasked to collect the idol and toss the pieces into the Cave of Treacherous Terror. When the contestants reach the cave on the island, all of the campers react in different ways. In the cave, Owen is scared away by a spider and drags Heather away with him. LeShawna and Duncan are chased off by a pack of woolly beavers that show up in the cave. Geoff and Gwen end up tossing the doll into the cave, resulting in their win for that part of the challenge.

Return to Total Drama IslandEdit

A man who watched the show developed the foolish idea that the island would make for a great vacation destination. He built a cabin there, but has never been heard from ever since. The cabin now serves as the location of where the eliminated contestants will go during Return to Total Drama Island as opposed to Playa Des Losers.


  • Boney Island could a reference to Skull Island, home to King Kong.
    • Much like Skull Island, Boney Island is filled with prehistoric creatures such as the Woolly Beavers and the Stymphalian Canadian Geese.