• Lord Akiyama

    And so it begins...

    April 23, 2011 by Lord Akiyama

    Greetings Programs!

    First off, I would like to once again welcome everyone to the Richmore Academy Wiki. It was intended to be called the Total Drama Academy Wiki, but as mentioned on the main page, the name was already taken. So I went with Richmore Academy since it is the primary location and setting of the story. I ahve been working on getting this sucker up and running for two weeks now. There's still much to include, but they will eventually be added in time.

    I would like to give thanks to Duncney4Eternity and my pal Kobold Necromancer for helping out with editing the pages. No matter how small the edits are, they are greatly appreciated. It let's me know I'm not going mad and generally doing something that would only benefit me. …

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