A kiss for Cody

Beth kisses Cody goodbye before he is eliminated on Total Drama Island.

The friendship between Beth and Cody has perhaps grown to become something more. While they hardly had a whole lot of interaction with one another while they were on Total Drama Island, there appears to be a growing attraction between the two since appearing on Total Drama Academy. Whether or not this will lead to them becoming a couple remains to be seen as they have not really acted upon their affections just yet.


Total Drama IslandEdit

On Total Drama Island, Beth and Cody had very little interaction despite being on the same team. This was largely because of Beth's commitment to Heather's alliance and Cody's attempt to woo Gwen. They would finally converse during the paintball deer hunt where Beth would confide into Cody about her displeasure with being in Heather's alliance, ultimately deciding to quit the group. Later on, Beth would volunteer to take the heavily injured Cody to the Dock of Shame after he was voted off in the Campfire Ceremony. She would continue to open up to him and even kiss him on the cheek, although Cody unsuccessfully tried to warn her that the tiki idol she carried back from Boney Island was cursed.

Total Drama AcademyEdit

When the contestants first arrived at Richmore Academy for Total Drama Academy, Cody was the first to notice that Beth had her braces removed. Both would then score high enough on the school entrance exam to be allowed to study with the rest of the student body, thereby being placed in the Smarty Pants group. Overtime, they would start expressing their affection for one another, though neither would ever really act upon it. They would instead merely smile, shyly turn away, and blush. They did team together during on Challenge Night competition in the Arena challenge in Week 5, although their team would be demolished by the opposition.